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Vainilla was born in 2010 to serve people responsibly and creatively in the field of beauty – customers and our employees, an approach upheld to this date. After years of operational and financial challenges, we have now created a solid structure which has allowed us to become a chain of beauty salons, helping consolidate our vision.
Our objective is to offer our clients a total of 30 Vainilla Beauty Salons in Costa Rica before the end of 2026, having so far achieved half that goal. Additionally, in order to become a regional brand, we will expand internationally to the rest of Central America, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, with our target being establishing salons in these countries yearly, until at least 2030. The opening of branches in these countries will allow us to provide a substantial number of dignified employment opportunities in these locations, complementing our business vision with social responsibility.

Leaders in Hair, Nails and Professional Products

We are a modern and convenient beauty salon option, always with preferred locations and hours, ready to serve the most demanding customers in our pleasant facilities.
Our business has three areas representing our most important sources of income: Hair Beauty, Nail Finishing and Sale of Beauty Products. In the Hair field, we perform services in the categories of standard cuts, hairstyling, colorings, straightening, blowers, and treatments; each of these with several specialties. In the Nail sector, we perform many types of standard and creative enamels, manicures, and pedicures. Finally, we supply our clients with a wide variety of beauty products from the best international brands, for use at the salon or purchase.

Casa 7 Bancas

Distrito Cuatro

Multiplaza Escazú

Lincoln Plaza

Santa Ana Town Center

Oxigeno Human Playground

Momentum Pinares

Plaza Mayor

Plaza del Sol

Praktico Power Center

Plaza Automercado Alajuela

Plaza Automercado Heredia


Plaza Automercado Lindora


The Platform for
the best brands

We have true competitive advantages… We know the market, we know our customers's needs and meet them, and have the best locations. This allows us to present ourselves as the top beauty salons in a given market, and the ability to position brands in a premium sector of the population. We are located in the best shopping centers neighborhoods in the country, allowing us to exhibit winning products in the busiest showcases.

A Platform for the Expression and Development of the Best Talents

Experienced personnel

Our company shows the greatest labor stability in the field, sustained on offering our employees the best working conditions and labor benefits in the market. We work exhaustively so that our collaborators share our vision and objectives, using best training and practices to showcase our top international brands. We encourage consistent corporate principles and speak the same Vainilla language. Finally, we provide a platform for the expression and development of employee artistry, which allows them to create superior work and establish confident relationships with customers, achieving sustained long-term growth and personal development.

Training Center

We have a specialized Training Center, essential in fulfilling the promise of sustained growth and development for our employee artists. It has the most modern and complete facilities to polish their technical and artistic capabilities, using the same products used in points of sale, simulating very real experiences from the first day of training and coaching. All our artists must go through Training Center programs before allowed to serve customers at a branch.

Online Learning Management System

Our employee apprenticeship programs go beyond our state-of-the-art Training Center. Management and administration complement on-the-job training with organized online university courses reflecting our business model, based on excellence in customer service and satisfaction, replicated and standardized in all our branches and points of sale.

Supported by a Solid Operating Base

Our central administration and back-of-the-house support in areas such as operations, marketing, accounting, procurement, and special project development are a vital part of the business. All our collaborators work daily to support front-line points of sale, while simultaneously contributing their creativity and talent to grow the business.



Call Center



And the most advanced systems

We firmly believe that what is not measured cannot be controlled and that what is not controlled cannot be improved. We are fans of continuous improvement and make decisions based on information. That is why we have the best platforms and information systems allowing us to obtain and interpret data in real time on the entire operation, in areas such as sales, costs, and production, as well as accounting and finance; and for customer service, a digital agenda providing live scheduling data, and a chat and call center system allowing us to efficiently attend to all incoming call and message traffic through multiple channels.

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